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Is an Amicable Divorce a Possibility or a Fantasy?

Divorce is never easy, and it’s definitely never pleasant, even when it’s an uncontested, mutual decision. But if you can come to an amicable agreement with your soon-to-be ex-partner, you can both save yourself a lot of time, stress, money and heartache. You will also make the process a lot less painful for your children, if you have any.

Let’s be clear right from the outset – divorce and separation are likely to be up there with some of the most stressful times of your life. Once you put the decision to separate from your partner in motion, and actually separate, many changes occur at once. When faced with so many as-yet unknown factors demanding your attention, such as what will happen with your finances, the accumulated debt, and where your children will be living, your stress level can quickly rise.

The key to a less stressful and more amicable divorce, which is ultimately easier on everyone and far less expensive, is to approach it in the correct way. If at all possible, it’s worth it to keep the process as non-confrontational as possible, as it’s likely to lead to longer lasting solutions in future. To assist you and your partner reach a more amicable agreement, consider the following pieces of advice.

An Amicable Divorce is Better for Everyone

This is the advice any seasoned divorce attorney will give you. The more you can agree on with your spouse, the better for everyone involved. If an agreement is reached between you about how the finances and debt will be divided, and which arrangements will be put in place for your children, you will be able to retain control over your own lives, without having this decision made for you by the courts.

However, the sad reality is that an amicable approach might not always be possible, and there can certainly be a lot of sadness, anger, anxiety and loss involved in the separation. If you’re able to identify the issues, however, and work towards an amicable solution, it’s likely to result in a less painful and less messy separation for both of you. If your children are able to see that you are getting along, it is bound to make the divorce easier for them to cope with, and ultimately come to terms with as well.

Get a Handle on Your Emotions

This might seem harsh, but one of the first points to consider in a divorce is the emotional aspect of the separation. This is one aspect that your divorce attorney can’t help you with, and which isn’t dealt with by the legal process.

However, if you can come to terms with your emotions, it will help you to deal with other aspects of the separation, such as children and finances, with greater ease. By not having your emotions clouding the issues, you are also able to make more informed and pragmatic decisions. With these aspects in mind, it’s clear to see that an amicable divorce doesn’t have to be a fantasy – it can be a reality.

Why Choose Our Divorce Attorneys to Represent You?

No one ever intends to get divorced, but if your marriage is slowly coming to an end, and you’re concerned about your assets and the future, rest assured that your interests are in the best hands with our firm.

We know that matters of the family involve emotional and complex situations, many of which stem from the devastation of a cheating spouse, abusive partners, loss of love, or simply growing apart, which happens. For many couples, the only way forward is divorce. It’s a stressful path forward, thus making it far too easy to overlook important aspects, such as who the children will stay with, or who gets custody. Will it be full custody or joint custody? It’s a lot to think about.

Many other questions might be swirling around in your mind too, such as maintenance-related issues, or debt responsibility and dividing assets. You’re not alone. Our team is here to answer all your questions, and to pursue your rights and best interests. Contact us to learn more about our law firm, and for all the information needed to make an informed decision regarding this important time in your life.




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