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Five Surprising Facts About Marriage and Divorce in South Africa

When speaking to divorce lawyers, you are more than likely to hear some surprising facts about the sector, and about divorce in our society in general. We have compiled a list of five facts about marriage and divorce in South Africa that may just surprise you.

#1 Most Men Are 43 When They Get Divorced

This is according to the 2014 report on marriage and divorce as released by Statistics South Africa. Median ages at divorce for women are 40 years, and 43 years for men.

#2 Adultery Is Not Standalone Grounds for Divorce

Contrary to popular belief, adultery is not a standalone reason for divorce. A magistrate or judge may grant a divorce order of irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. While extra-marital affairs, or adultery, may lead to an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage when one spouse finds it impossible to continue in the marriage resulting from the affair, adultery, in itself, is not ground for divorce.

#3 A Wife is Entitled to Retain Her Ex-Husband’s Surname, or May Change Her Surname Once Divorce is Finalised

An application at any Home Affairs office must be lodged, along with the required fee to change a surname.

#4 Women Initiate Divorce Proceeds Far More Often Than Man Do

There are more female than male plaintiffs in divorce, according to Stats SA. The women who initiated divorce proceedings were mainly in professional, semi-professional, and technical occupations.

#5 Most Divorces Occur Between the 5 and 9 Year Mark

According to Stats SA’s 2014 report on marriage and divorce in South Africa, the largest number of divorces were for marriages that lasted between five and nine years.

Make Sure You Have the Best Team on Your Side

When you find yourself in the midst of a divorce, or about to initiate one, you need seasoned divorce lawyers who know how South Africa’s laws work. It is quite simply your best chance at having all your rights protected and pursued, and to making sure that you are able to get out on the other side of the divorce in the best shape possible.

We know that matters of the family involve emotional and complex situations, many of which don’t have a simple solution. The decision to get a divorce can result in important aspects being ignored, or getting lost in the whirlwind of emotions that follow. These can include who will be the primary caregiver and guardian of the children, or who gets custody, whether it will be full custody, joint custody or separate custody.

What access to the children will there be, going forward? What access are you entitled to? These are only a few of the ever-important elements that are far too critical to be overlooked, regardless of the levels of emotion involved. Our team always bears this in mind, and we work hard to make the stressful time ahead as easy on you and your children as possible.

What Services Do Our Divorce Lawyers Offer?

We offer sound parenting plans, settlement agreements and expert advice in maintenance issues. This ensures a fair process, and getting what you are rightfully owed from the marriage. It also ensures that your children are protected, and that their futures are all provided for.

Our legal experts bring many years of expertise and experience to the legal profession, and you can benefit from it. Aside from divorce proceedings, we can also represent you in custody, access and maintenance claims, as well as in settlement agreements and antenuptial contracts. Contact our divorce lawyers to learn more about our firm, and to find out how we can help you navigate this uncertain journey in your life.




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