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Property Law

Buying a house or your first building is, according to studies, one the most stressful, and for most people the largest monetary transaction your will ever make. From various conveyancers, bond attorneys, rates clearances, transfer duty, and banks being involved it can seem quite daunting. Our team of conveyancers can help alleviate the daunting nature of property and ensure your transaction is dealt with efficiently and make the experience more pleasant. From your first house or your first commercial building to your property development, we will ensure a smooth process, from the moment you sign the offer right up until registration in the deeds office. We deal directly with the banks, lawyers, estate agents, buyers and sellers.

Family Law

Matters of the family often involve complex and emotional situations, many of which stem from the loss of love, a cheating spouse, abusive partners, or even money. The simple solution for many couples is to get divorced. However this decision can result in certain aspects being overlooked, such as who will the children stay with or who gets the fridge or the couch. We offer sound settlement agreements, parenting plans and advice on maintenance issues ensuring a fair process and getting you what you are owed from the marriage.

We all like to believe that we won't die anytime soon, or it's not going to happen anytime soon. The fact is that it can happen at any time. A will can protect your loved ones in the event of your untimely departure. Did you know that if you die without a will, all your assets go to directly family members, even your debts can place a burden on them. With a properly drafted will, we can help you ensure that your estate is dived the way you want it to be and that your loved ones get what you wanted them to have.

Notarial Services

When tying the knot, often couples would like to keep the marriage relationship fair and one of love and not possessions. An antenuptial contract is one way of ensuring that both parties possessions are protected. Antenuptial contracts, long terms leases and cessions all need to be notarised by law. De Waal Uys is a qualified notary and can notarise your documents in house.

Labour Law

We currently service clients with over 6000 staff and give them daily assistance and advice on labour matters. We assist the company with disputes referred to the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Labour Court. We offer complete services and prefer to implement correct contracts, policies and procedures, train management on the procedures and labour legislation to ensure effective disciplinary hearings and represent our clients at the CCMA and Labour Court.


Litigation is an action brought before a court used to enforce a particular right and is involved in resolving disputes. Have you received a summons or are you being sued? Do you want to sue someone? Stefanie Savage is a director that deals with the litigation process and are experienced with court procedures in both our Higher and Lower courts. From the small matters to large panels, our firm is equipped to be able to handle any form of litigious matter big or small.


Ever have an illegal squatter on your property or a tenant that is defaulting on their rental payments? Landlords and property owners often find it difficult to get illegal occupants to vacate their property and they soon find out that they need to obtain a court order to achieve this goal. De Waal Uys can assist you with to the process of re-gaining possession of your property.


Ever thought of opening a franchise business or taking your existing business and turning it into a franchise? Many business owners are intimidated by the prospect of franchising and the workings of doing so. Stefanie Savage has assisted many franchisors and franchisees in this field and can assist with the establishment of the company and the drafting of the agreements to ensure that your business is compliant with new and existing laws.

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