Why Us?

Litigation and Collections

Stefanie Savage will assist you with all your problems and questions and also ensure that your case is handled by a professional.

Our clients inform us that they deal with us because of the personal attention we give to each and every case as well as the relaxed atmosphere that we strive to keep in our office and in our relationships with clients. We interact with our clients to ensure that the instructions we receive are carried out with care. Your “bad debtor” today may return to you as a “client” tomorrow. We will make sure you receive your money from the debtor before he returns as your client. We believe in human dignity and our methodology to collect your money has a proven track record over many years.

Our friendly and helpful team of professionals are ready to help and assist you.

Labour and Commercial

Christi Louw heads up both these departments and we know that our clients stay with us because of our level of participation.

Labour law changes constantly and it is important to remain in touch with all the boring legislation and case law on a daily basis. We always do the boring work and give you feedback on the interesting and necessary bits of law.

Our professional team will travel to faraway places to do your disciplinary hearings. The decisions we make, will be objective and legally sound.

Labour Court and CCMA cases are assessed on legislation and case law. If you have a good case, a bad case (or no case) we will tell you so that you can make an economical decision when you instruct us to represent you.


De Waal Uys heads up the property division in Johannesburg and Pretoria. The success of this division is due to the time and dedication the team gives to each and every transaction and the very important people involved in the transactions. The buyer, seller and estate agent all receive personal attention, because the sooner we register your transaction the sooner we all get paid. Who can argue with getting paid, it’s nice.

Our property division started when the market crashed a few years ago and firms were retrenching staff. We have grown from strength to strength and are now the preferred attorneys for a number of large estate agent firms and individual agents. We base the success on the level of service we provide and the complete open door policy that we strive to maintain.

We always listen to the feedback we receive from our clients. What do we have to lose? Positive feedback makes us feel good and negative feedback helps us to know where we can improve our service.

Franchising and trade marks

Stefanie Savage heads up the franchising division and has a wealth of knowledge having served and assisted many companies in the franchise industry over the past 17 years. Our Intellectual Property division is new and fresh just like the latest Company Act., Consumer Protection Act and Trade Marks Act.

Our clients remain loyal to us because we build up a trust relationship and assist them from the beginning right through to running a successful franchising business. We take care of all your needs under one roof and it will not be necessary for you to deal with numerous different people. We will register a company for your prospective new franchisee and ensure a sound franchise agreement is signed correctly so you can rely on the agreement in the future. We can also convert your existing franchisee’s companies in terms of the new Companies Act. After all, as a successful Franchisor, your income depends on a strong team of legally sound franchise stores.

We will register and maintain your trade mark and users of your trade mark. Your trade mark will grow in value if you take the necessary care of an up to date user register.

You can centralise your franchise and intellectual property needs with an experienced attorney.

Because we live in a diverse society as the rainbow nation, all South African people are street wise and make us proud. Remember to protect your domain name from unscrupulous operators. You would not want some dishonest person to use your internet address to run a company, so trade mark your domain to give your name intellectual muscle.


Nobody likes to believe that they need training in any field but Christi Louw will change Training into a sought after commodity.

We offer training ranging from Human Resource Training on the different levels of employees to the training of prospective Law Students. Stefanie Savage is an approved Legal Education and Development Trainer since May 2005.

De Waal Uys is very often called upon to speak at conferences career evenings and informal gatherings. Our clients inform us that De Waal has a great way of making everyone listen and you are guaranteed to laugh at least a few times during training. Now then, we all know that laughter is the best medicine.

We need to know your needs in order to cater for them so please feel free to enquire from us and tell us what you desire.

Our work
is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients!